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fireclay kitchen sink vs cast iron kitchen sink

Answer from Todd V. from the Shelby Township Wittock Location: There are a few differences to be aware of when deciding which is right for your kitchen. Cast Iron is a liquefied metal poured into a mold and then a porcelain enamel finish is applied and heated to join with the metal.

There are several color choices available, they’re easy to clean, and they have a greater resistance to staining and fading. However, because these sinks are heavy, additional mounting support may be needed. Plus, if you happen to chip the sink, the enamel underneath the surface will be a different color which makes many customers nervous.

Fireclay sinks are created by molding clay into shape and letting it dry. After, a porcelain enable is applied and then the entire sink is heat treated in a kiln. This heat treating joins the lay and enamel, increasing their strengths.

Fireclay sinks are easy to clean, are resistant to scratching, stating, chipping and fading, and will not rust. However, these can be more expensive than cast iron and colors are limited.


Answer from Loyann S. from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath location: The best way to choose the right cabinets would be to work directly with a contractor/builder. They’ll help you figure out the proper measurements and construction of cabinetry that is suitable for your style, function and budget. From there, they’ll direct you to a skilled cabinet designer, such as Richard at the Shelby Township location, who can help you with the details to create your dream space.


Answer from Loyann S. from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath location: When building a custom shower, the first things you’ll want to consider are the desired number of components, water pressure, drain capacity and the size of your water tank.

Then, you can consider more cosmetic and functional components such as shower/rain heads, single function or multifunction shower heads, or if you’ll need a height-adjustable hand shower bar to accommodate children. Lastly, think about body sprays and accessories and if you’ll want to target your shoulders and back to relieve sore muscles.


shower/bath space with personal touches

Answer from Loyann S. from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath location: There are many options available to you! You can stream your personal music playlist by pairing a shower system with Bluetooth, rejuvenate with a hot steam add-on, or use lighting to create a full spectrum of color to help calm or stimulate your body and mind. Many of our customers also opt to use aroma therapy and essential oils for health and healing benefits. Contact us to find out how we can help you customize your shower with these elements to pump you up for your day or calm you down before bed.


Answer from K. Hemenway from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath Location: Copper and bronze are considered a living finish. A living finish is a non-lacquered, unprotected finish that “changes” over time. The finish changes are caused by oxidation from the air, as well as soaps, even natural oils that could be on your hands when you turn faucets on and off.


Denser stones like Granite, Quartzite and Quartz materials like Ceasar Stone and Cambria, are typically the most durable surfaces.


Matching appliances is really a personal preference. We suggest that homeowners look, touch and feel each appliance and select each product that will work best for them and the style of their home.


There is no right plumbing product for every home. Manufacturers today offer so many style options that it is important for each client to find the right fit for them and their home. Product quality should always be the first priority.

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