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Answer from Chris R. at the Birmingham Wittock location: In recent years, the trend has been to rip out that old bathtub and install a walk-in shower despite warnings from real estate agents. When you go to sell, however, that bathtub you removed could have an impact on the number of potential buyers. While it doesn’t directly affect the value of your home, tubs are still a high priority for buyers with young children.


Answer from Karen H. at the Shelby Township Wittock location: Consider installing a no-barrier walk-in shower. Removing barriers and extending the bathroom tile into the shower instantly opens up any bathroom space and creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Walk-ins offer numerous other benefits. For example, a barrier-free shower installed with a linear drain will actually drain water more quickly and efficiently than a conventional drain. Low-maintenance, large format tiles also help cut down mold and grime accumulation for easy care, making barrier free showers a great option for aging homeowners and families with kids.


Answer from Jourdan M. from the Wittock Kitchen and Bath Birmingham showroom location: As someone that enjoys cooking, items in the kitchen that make my life easier are key. A pull down faucet is a must, and touch functionality is extremely helpful. Working with meat or poultry? Tap the faucet with your elbow! It keeps things clean and sanitary.


changing mind in course of remodel

Answer from Loyann S. from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath location: If the homeowner has changed their mind or if there is a change due to an unexpected or unforeseen circumstance, a few things happen.

The timeline will need to be extended and a restock and freight fee to return the product to the vendor is very likely.

In addition, the contractor would need provide a written change order detailing the changes. That change order would then be signed by both the homeowner and contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Answer from Todd V. from Wittock Kitchen and Bath in Shelby Township: Many of our customers come into our showrooms and wonder if it’s worth it to spend money on “luxury” products, but I can tell you from experience, it usually is.

For example, MrSteam created by SteamTherapy helps remove harmful impurities from your body and enhances breathing, which helps promote restful sleep and wellness. In addition, SteamTherapy opens your pores and hydrates dry skin. For more information on this product or other products to help you relax after a long day, visit one of our many showrooms:


Answer from Tracy G. from Wittock Kitchen and Bath in Shelby Township: One of the great things about today’s kitchen and baths is that there are many, many options to choose from! While we do carry a wide selection of products in-stock; with so many choices in the market, it is impossible to have everything available locally.

This being the case, most customers do have to wait a few weeks for product to come in. Some items can take longer, upwards of 6-10 weeks to get, especially if you are looking at any custom finishes or colors. So, keep this in mind when planning out your bathroom. You definitely want to give yourself the time to get the product you want for the bath or kitchen of your dreams!


Answer from Steve S. from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath location: At Wittock Kitchen and Bath, we carry a complete line of water filtration from point of use to whole house.

We can help you with your private or community well, city or municipal waters. Let us help you achieve the proper water filtration for a healthy, happy family.


Answer from C. Schneider from the Shelby Township Wittock Kitchen and Bath Location: The one thing that many customers forget to consider before picking out plumbing fixtures is their current floor plan and sizing cabinet bases. This will help you choose the right size tub, vanity needed (length and depth) and more.


Work with a company that believes in working closely with their clients, upholding their promise to preserve their client’s dreams and seeing each project through to a successful completion. This can be achieved by getting A+ referrals and thoroughly checking references on prospective companies.


The biggest misconception we hear is that price and quality do not relate to one another. Typically taking the lowest price on a project will result in the lowest quality project. That doesn’t mean the highest price is always the best; however, high-quality companies typically employ high-quality people and the result is usually a more expensive job.

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